Discussion, Crucible Act I

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Please answer the following reading questions for Act I of The Crucible. Begin at “Enter Reverend John Hale of Beverly.”

  1. What are some of the ways narrator describes Reverend Hale at the beginning of the paragraph?
  1. What is the narrator saying about the relationship between the devil and politics?
  1. “Sex, sin, and the Devil were early linked, and so they continued to be in Salem, and are today.” Do you agree with this? Can you think of an example from your life or the world that illustrates this belief?
  1. “Our opposites are always robed in sexual sin.” What is this quote saying? Do you agree? Can you think of any examples from our current world?
  1. What is Rebecca Nurse’s attitude toward Hale and all the witchcraft hysteria?
  1. What does Giles say his wife does that is suspicious?
  1. Briefly describe Giles.
  1. What is Hale concerned is a sign of witchcraft?
  1. Who is Lucifer?
  1. What different accusations does Abigail make towards Tituba?
  1. How does Tituba respond?
  1. What does Parris say will happen if Tituba doesn’t confess to witchcraft?
  1. What happened to the communists if they didn’t confess?
  1. What multiple things does Tituba confess to?
  1. Do you believe Tituba’s confessions? Why or why not?
  1. Why do you think Abigail says “I want to open myself!” Do you think it’s because she believes she is a witch?
  1. What do you make of Betty’s confession? Is it real?
  1. Why do you think Parris is shouting a prayer of thanksgiving at the end of the scene if he was so anxious about having witchcraft in his house?

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