Notes, Chapters 14-15



Like the notes modeled for chapter 13, find 7 quotes across chapters 14-15 and write how they illustrate various satire targets.

Atwood’s Satire Targets

  1. “Rapid change into extraordinary brutality from an apparently civilized society”
  2. A superficial and misleading focus on “family values” in oppressive societies
  3. A focus on indoctrinating the young in repressive regimes
  4. To oppress groups, oppressive leaders first dehumanize them
  5. Books and literacy were seen as threats in oppressive societies
  6. Oppression of women — e.g., requirements to be fully covered, limitations on their education
  7. Objectification of women, women = their bodies, women’s bodies are their most important asset
  8. Government through fear — brutal punishments to intimidate the population
  9. Rigid gender roles — each gender serves a specific, prescribed function in society
  10. The evils of slavery



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