What Is Academic Integrity?


During our first few days back at school, students were asked to respond to the prompt:

Write your own brief statement about “academic integrity.” What does it look like to have “academic integrity,” besides the basics of “not cheating?” Think broadly.

Here is some of what we came up with:

“Be proud of your work even if it’s bad.”
— Shaniah Fitts

“Do your own work for your own future.”
— Evie Boyer-Heagle

“Value your actual learning over your grade in the class.”
— Julia Aastrom

“Take ownership for your learning, and do your work, and do it to your maximum capacity.”
— Matthias Henning 

“Be honest about your work.”
— Nadeya McMiller

“Be respectful enough to do your own work, not showing poorly on yourself and on the class.”
— Kynedra Murray

“Show leadership and great responsibility by turning your work in.”
— Kenyatta Hampton

“Have your own opinions and believe what you believe. Write what you want to write, not take others writing.”
— Lauryn Becker

“Be honest with yourself, teachers, peers, and your work, and be proud and responsible for your own work.”
— London Day

“Be able to be trusted to work quietly independently.”
— Nate Branch

“Really focus on your work and set goals for yourself and study hard and pay attention. Be dedicated to what you’re doing; don’t get distracted by what your friends are doing. Really be on top of what you’re doing. Focus on yourself and your grades before you do other things that won’t help you reach your goals.”
— Marie Hawthorne

“Love yourself enough to know you deserve to learn.”
— Kayla Rollins

“Be honest with your work and take responsibility for how you treat it.”
— Clare Whyte

“Do your own work. If points are docked, don’t cheat, because you are not helping yourself. You help yourself by fixing and growing from your problems.”
— Kareemah Thomas


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