Musical Theatre Playlist


Now that you have received an introduction to the origins of musical theatre and seen some footage of the early pioneers of the genre, it’s time to do some additional, independent research.

Please create a playlist of ten songs from the early decades of musical theatre, as well as liner notes for each song, giving some background information/history about the artist.

Your playlist & liner notes need to include music associated with the following artists:

  • Florenz Ziegfeld
  • Jerome Kern
  • George Cohan
  • Bert Williams
  • Irving Berlin
  • Fanny Brice

Your liner notes need to connect the song to historical information about the artist, perhaps explaining how the song fits into their style and/or body of work. See “Liner Note Resources” below. Each of your liner notes should be a couple sentences.

Songs/Videos To Choose From

Ziegfeld Videos:

Ziegfeld Style Nightclub Act from 1929 (Part One) 

Ziegfeld Follies of 1912 Row Row Row (1940)

Brox Sisters and Franklyn Baur — Ziegfeld Follies 1927

Player Piano Roll — Shaking the Blues Away — Ziegfeld Follies

Frank Crumit — Sweet Alice 1923 Ziegfeld Follies of 1923

The Ziegfeld Follies: I Can’t Get Started

Jerome Kern Videos:

Songs by Jerome Kern Google

Ella Fitzgerald — Remind Me (the Jerome Kern Songbook)

Paul Robeson – Ol’ Man River (Showboat – 1936) J.Kern O. Hammerstein II

Ella Fitzgerald – Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (Jerome Kern Songbook)

“The Last Time I Saw Paris” from Lady Be Good – Ann Sothern

Lyrics “The Last Time I Saw Paris”

George Cohan Videos:

Over There — the only studio recording made by George M. Cohan

Over There Lyrics George Cohan

The Yankee Doodle Boy (George M. Cohan)

Mary’s A Grand Old Name (George M. Cohan)

Bing Crosby – Mary’s a grand old name

Give My Regards to Broadway (George M. Cohan)

George Cohan Songs Google

Bert Williams Videos:

Bert Williams — “Somebody Else, Not Me” (1919)

Lyrics Bert Williams, Somebody Else, Not Me

Nobody by Bert Williams

Nobody Lyrics Bert Williams

Bert Williams — When The Moon Shines On The Moonshine — 1919

It’s Nobody’s Business But My Own by Bert Williams 1919

Bert Williams – I’m Sorry I Ain’t Got It You Could Have It if I Had It Blues 1919

Bert Williams Songs: Google 

Irving Berlin Videos:

Irving Berlin: Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Kate Smith Introduces God Bless America :: Best Quality

Al Jolson – A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody 1936 Irving Berlin

JUDY GARLAND ‘I Love a Piano’.wmv

Ethel Merman / There’s No Business Like Show Business

Top Hat – No Strings

This Is The Army, Mr. Jones | Irving Berlin (Lyrics)

Irving Berlin Songs Google

Fanny Brice Videos:

Fanny Brice “My Man” (Ziegfeld Follies of 1929)

Fanny Brice – Second Hand Rose (1921)

Second Hand Rose Lyrics

Fanny Brice – I’d Rather Be Blue Over You, 1929

Fanny Brice – Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love, 1930

Fanny Brice – Becky is Back in the Ballet (1922)

Fanny Brice-Quainty Dainty Me (from Everybody Sing)

Fanny Brice Songs Google

Liner Note Resources

Wikipedia Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. 

PBS: Florenz Ziegfeld

The Parlor Songs Academy Florenz Ziegfeld

Wikipedia Jerome Kern

Jerome Kern Obituary NY Times

Songwriters Hall of Fame Jerome Kern

George M. Cohan Wikipedia

George M. Cohan Obituary NY Times

Songwriters Hall of Fame George M. Cohan

Bert Williams Wikipedia

Black History Now Bert Williams

Black Face: Bert Williams

Irving Berlin Wikipedia

The Parlor Songs Academy: Irving Berlin

Songwriters Hall of Fame: Irving Berlin

Wikipedia Fanny Brice

Obituary Fanny Brice NY Times

PBS: Fanny Brice


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